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The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe



The Danube Regional Project is implementing 22 project components with large number of specific activities in the Phase 1 and 2. The five main area of actions are:

  • Policies Development (objective 1: Creation of sustainable ecological conditions for land use and water management)
  • Capacity Building and Transboundary Cooperation (objective 2: "Capacity building and reinforcement of transboundary cooperation for the improvement of water quality and environmental standards in the Danube River Basin)
  • Public Participation and Awareness (objective 3: "Strengthening of public involvement in environmental decision making and reinforcement of community actions for pollution reduction and protection of ecosystems")
  • Monitoring and Evaluation (objective 4: "Reinforcement of monitoring, evaluation and information systems to control transboundary pollution, and to reduce nutrients and harmful substances")
  • Pilot Projects and Case Studies (objectives 1, 2 and 4)

The project is carried out in two phases. The phase 1 of the project was a preparatory one,  focused on creation of inter-ministerial committees, concept development for implementation of policies in agriculture, industry, wetlands, legal and economic instruments,  methodologies, mechanisms for monitoring and evaluation and development of programmes for awareness raising and NGO strengthening. It was finalized in May 2004.

Building on achieved results, the phase 2  - the implementation phase will set up institutional and legal instruments at the national and regional level, implement pilot projects, carry out public awareness activities, etc.  to assure nutrient reduction and sustainable management of water bodies and ecological resources, involving all stakeholders and building up adequate monitoring and information systems.