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Danube GIS

Final Reports - Phase 1
Final Reports - Phase 2

It is increasingly recognized that one the cores tool for river basin management is a Geographical Information System (GIS). The main water policy driver in the Danube Basin, the EU Water Framework Directive (WFD) underlines the need for EU member states and candidate countries to utilize GIS. Thus, in response to the need for GIS tools in preparing a Danube River Basin Management plan and other WFD requirements as well as due to the potential benefit of using GIS in other ICPDR tasks, the ICPDR is developing a Danube GIS guided by the ICPDR GIS Expert Sub-Group.

The Danube Regional Project is supporting the ICPDR in the development of the Danube GISAfter the 'needs assessment', carried out in the phase 1 of the DRP, the DRP is assisting with the implementation stage of the Danube GIS.

The Danube GIS is to be developed in a step-by step approach. Specific activities related to the System Definition, Design, System Building and Implementation are to be undertaken. The present a 'System Definition and Design' report is available, providing development options, including anticipated costs, as a basis for making decisions about implementation of a Danube GIS. A First Prototype will be developed by the end of 2005 for data checking and testing of basic functions.