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Danube - lagune

Support for the EU WFD Implementation - Roof Report

Final Reports - Phase 1 
Final Reports - Phase 2 

Considering the DRPC´s mandate to assure sustainable water management in the DRB and taking into account the central role of the river basin management in implementing the EU Water Framework Directive, there is a substantial need to facilitate the development of river basin management plans in the Danube River Basin and in its sub-basin areas. These river basin management plans will have to deal with nutrient reduction from point- and non-point sources.

The project is assisting to the DRB countries in the implementation of EU Water Framework Directive through development of common tools and in implementation of common approaches, methodologies and guidelines for sub-basin management plans.

During the Phase 1 of the Danube Project concepts and analytical material were prepared, which later during Phase 2 of the Project will be implemented in form of national contributions, pilot projects and workshops on river basin management and implementation of the WFD. Specifically the outputs from Phase 1 included reports and workshops in direct support to the ICPDR's Roof Report and the national reports to the European Commission under the WFD requirements. Phase 2 will build on this initial "Characterisation" report to provide specific assistance leading to the preparation of River Basin Management Plans. This is a key milestone in the overall implementation of the WFD.