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Sava River Basin Management Plan - Pilot Project

Final Reports - Phase 1
Final Reports - Phase 2

The UNDP-GEF Danube Regional Project supports the development of a pilot plan for the Sava River Basin as a model for river basin management planning in line with the EU Water Framework Directive.

In Phase I (April to December 2003), the Project has carried out a first situation analysis, examined the availability of information and data, and assessed institutional capacities in the four Sava countries to carry out the development of the Sava River Basin Management Plan.

The result is a first situation analysis on the environmental status in the Sava river basin, and a concept and work plan for Phase II of the project, which was discussed and agreed upon at a regional workshop (4th meeting of the "Sava Working Group") in December 2003.

It was then also agreed that the project should in Phase 2 follow the guidelines established by the ICPDR River Basin Management Expert Group and be implemented in cooperation and coordination with other assistance programmes for the Sava River Basin, in particular the Sava project of the EU-CARDS Regional Programme, but also the parallel EU-ISPA pilot project for a RBM Plan in the Krka river sub-basin.

At the end of Phase II (winter 2006/2007), various technical support will have been provided to Sava countries to strengthen them when preparing the RBM Plan for the Sava River Basin, including the related key transboundary water management issues and the topics for the Programme of Measures (Sava investment programme).