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We are glad to present you different stories from the Danube Basin, where our project or the ICPDR are involved. Starting with the development of policies and ending with small projects implemented by local communities, the Danube Regional Project is involving all Danube stakeholders at international, national and local level.

  • Press release: 16 Danube and Black Sea Countries Adopt Water Protection Declaration (February 23, 2007. Bucharest, Romania).
    On February 23, the EC and Environment Ministers from all of the 16 countries sharing the Danube River Basin and Black Sea region adopted a new Declaration on the Enhancement of Cooperation during a High Level Meeting in Bucharest, Romania. The Declaration recognizes that more cooperation and efforts are required by all to improve the environment, especially to fulfil the EU Water Framework Directive by 2015 and to solve the shared nutrient pollution problem..
    The Meeting immediately followed a two-day Final Seminar where the UNDP/GEF Danube Regional Project's main achievements and suggestions for the future were presented. Participants were determined to repeat and transfer the successes achieved in the Danube River Basin to the Black Sea which became an 'EU sea' on January 1 of this year.... read more


  • Press Release: World Wetlands Day -- Danube wetland work ahead but not enough (February 2, 2007. Vienna, Austria).
    Danube NGOs (non-governmental organisations) are doing good projects that help protect and restore valuable wetlands in the Danube River Basin. But more wetland projects are needed to make better use of wetlands as pollution removers... read more


  • Searching for metals behind the Iron Gates (October 2006): Samples of sediments from the river's bottom, are being tested fro heavy metals, organic micro-pollutants and nutrients in a project funded by the UNDP-GEF Danube Regional Project... read more..


  • Press Release: Serbian farmers Participate in United Nations Pilot Project for Reducing Danube Pollution (July 13, 2006 Vienna, Austria)Farmers in rural Vojvodina, Serbia, are being successfully trained by the United Nations to reduce pollution in demonstration projects aimed at helping farmers in seven Danube River Basin countries.... read more


  • Press Release: 4 Sava countries to develop first ever Sava protection plan (March 28,2006. Vienna, Austria). The four countries sharing the Sava River and its basin have agreed to develop the first ever plan for the protection of their joint water resources and Sava environment, the UNDP-GEF Danube Regional Project (DRP) announced today ... read more


  • Press Release: 62 Danube NGOs Get $636,000 from DRP to Reduce Danube Pollution (March 9,2006. Vienna, Austria). A total of 62 NGOs were awarded over 636,000 USD today to reduce nutrient and toxic pollution to Danube waters. The NGO projects were launched in 11 Danube River Basin countries - Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia and Ukraine ... read more


  • Press Release: Wetlands Day - Water plants help Danube meet EU law (February 2, 2006. International Wetlands Day. Vienna, Austria) A new project was launched today to better use natural Danube water plants for reducing water pollution. Danube countries need to reduce water pollution to meet EU water protection legislation... read more


  • Farmers are friends, not foes (January 3, 2005). Farmers do hundreds of jobs most of us would rather avoid. Some of us even call farmers enemies of the environment  - from animal killers to soil spoilers. In the Danube Basin, farming was recently charged as a main water polluter... read more


  • Paying the price for clean water (Novemer 1, 2005). Utilities receive assistance from the Danube Regional project to set tariffs and charges that reflect the real costs of providing services to customers... read more


  • Small Grants with big impacts (Oct 1, 2005). The Danube Regional Project's Small Grants Programme is helping to support projects that target the reduction of hazardous toxins and pesticides from the Danube River Basin... read more


  • Sava Commission a model of sub-basin cooperation (Sept 15, 2005). The DRP supports the Sava Countries in River Basin Management..... read more