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Agriculture and Danube Water Pollution

The following is a table of Small Grants provided by the UNDP-GEF Danube Regional Project (DRP) to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in the Danube River Basin (DRB). The following grants promote the reduction of water pollution from agriculture in the DRB.

Grants were distributed in two rounds, each with their own set of Regional (multi-country and multi-NGO) Grants and National (one country, one NGO) Grants. The first round had two Regional Grants and 25 National Grants related to agriculture and Danube water pollution. The second round had two Regional Grants and 24 National Grants related to agriculture and Danube water pollution.

Grant Name

Lead NGO

Agricultural Activities

1 st Round



Regional Grants



Addressing Nutrient and Toxic Pollution in the Sub-basins of the Morava, Mura and Ogosta rivers.(SK, BG, SLO)


-promote enviro-friendly methods
-workshop to reduce pollution Ogasta Basin

Support and Promotion of Ecological Agriculture in the Production Areas Located in the Danube Basin. ( CZ, SM, SK)

Pro Bio

Major agro work

National Grants






Knowing pesticides and their use

Green Vrbas, Srbac

-educate producers, students, to reduce pesticide use

Nutrient Source Reduction on Area of Municipalities of Visoko and Kladanj

Fondeko-Assotiation for Sustainable Development Stimulation and Quality of Life

-reduce fertilizers and manure in Bosnia River

Building a Partnership in Local Community against Nutrient Pollution

COOR Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Development, Sarajevo

-educate farmers on BAP




Care and Responsibility for Our River

Ecomission 21 Century, Lovech

-inform farmers

Eco-accent - Plant Growing in Dobrudzha

Black Sea NGO Network, Varna

-inform farmers

Development of Partnership for Reduction of Pollution of the Yantra River Basin

NM Ecoglasnost

-guide for farmers how to meet law




Promoting Methods of Eco- and Organic Agriculture

Europe House Vukovar

-informing farmers about eco-farming

What Has to Be Known about Nutrients and Toxic Ingredients in Danube Environment

Franjo Koscec Society for the Protection and Improvement of Human Environment, Varazdin


Agriculture for Life: Agriculture as a Friend to Animals - One Step in the DRB Pollution Reduction

Eleonora Society for Nature and Environment Protection


Czech Republic



Public Participation on Improving Water Quality in Horni Olsava Basin

CSOP Veronica, Brno

-inform public on fertilizer pollution

Eco-farming Campaign in Morava River Basin

EPOS Eco-Farming Advisors Association

-promote eco-approaches




Water Quality Protection in South Great Plane Region



Chemical-Free Agriculture on Floodplains

WWF Hungary


Bio-agriculture in Bodrog-Koz Floodplains



Toxic and Nutrient Reduction in Sajo River Valley

Green Action Association





Developing Capacities to Promote Organic Farming to Reduce Nutrient Pollution in the DRB (covers Falesti District Area)  






Promoting Measures to be Undertaken for the Reduction of Agricultural-Originated Nutrient Pollutants in the Mehedinti County Danube Basin

Speo-Alpin MH Mountain Tourism and Ecology Association

-farmers and public

Promoting and Implementing Organic Farming Practices for the Reduction of Chemical-Farming Substances in the Low DRB

BIOTECH Foundation


Serbia and Montenegro



Organic Agriculture: The Step Towards DRB Preservation



The Environmental Value of Moravica Watershed and Pollutants Identification

Experts Network Citizen Association, Aleksinac

-some farmer education

Tara - Welfare and Obligation

Society of River Tara Friends

-education campaign

Towards Pollution Reduction of Upper Stream

Green Network of Vojvodina





Promotion of Organic Farming, Environmental Farming Standards

Slovenian Union of Organic Farmers

-educate and promote




Carpathians without Pesticides - Clean Danube

WETI Journalist Environmental Public Org.


School of Environmental Leadership

New Generation All-Ukrainian Public Association

-local recommendations to reduce farm emissions

2 nd Round



Regional Grants



Cross-sectoral Cooperation for Good Water Quality Management on Lower Danube Farms (BG, RO)

Association for Integrated Rural Development, Bulgaria

-2 model farms, encourage BAPs, influence national policy

Best Agricultural Practice in my Farm (BG, RO, MD)

Black Sea NGO Network, Bulgaria

-compliance with national legislation, develop BAP concept

National Grants



Bosnia and Herzegovina



Improvement of Water Protection for Farms and Slaughter Houses in the Sava River Basin

Local Initiative for Development LIR, Banja Luka

-change behavior, educate consumers, strengthen public participation

Save the Spreca River (Sava River Basin)

Development Association NERDA/Ekopot/Radio Kameleon, Tuzla

-promote BAP, reduce chemical use, raise awareness

Let Clean Water Flow Down the Ukrina, Sava and Danube Rivers in to the Black Sea

Ecological Society Ekologika/NGOs Forum Derventa

-touches on pesticide use




To Stop Danube River Nutrient Pollution

World for Everyone Association, Silistra

-encourage manure BAP

Establishment of Informational and Educational Centre in Town of Vidin

Bulgaria in Europe Association, Vidin

-investigate BAP




Promoting Methods of Eco and Organic Agriculture - 2nd phase

Europe House Vukovar, Vukovar


Czech Republic



Meadow Society - Nutrient Indicators in the River Basin


-inform farmers

- agri-env programmes

Moravian Carst   - A Model Site of Protected Surface and Underground Carstic Waters in the Danube Basin

Renesance of Country Association

-good agro in karst

-business plan with company

Organic Agriculture for Water Protection - Instructional Presentation and its Use for Moravia River Basin

Bioinstitute o.p.s., Olomouc

-promotes eco-agro




Chemicals-Free Zone along the Átalér

Center for Environmental Studies (CES)

-promote investments

Chemical Reduction and Pollution Prevention Campaign

Clean Air Working Group

-demonstration for farmers




Public Involvement in the Process of Nutrient Pollution Prevention and   Reduction in the Lower Prut Basin through Complex Monitoring of the Quality of the Environment

Cahul Ecologic Consultations Centre

-promotes BAP with farmers

The Reduction of Nutrient Pollution in the Danube Hydrographical Basin through the Promotion and Use of Good Agriculture Practices

Public Association "Cutezatorul"


Serbia and Montenegro



Organic Agriculture - A step forward to protect the DRB



Promotion of BAT with Alternative Industrial Wastewater Treatment Methods which Enable Efficient Elimination of Nutrients and Toxics from Intensive Farming and Food Production Sectors

Initiative for Democratic Transition (DTI), Belgrade





Effective Water Protection in Rural Areas, Podonavje, Using Eco-remediation

Institute for Environmental Protection Promotion

-includes education program for farmers

Underground Water and Farmers

Society "Krnica"


Individual Waste Water Cleaning Systems for Households and Farms in the Areas of Dispersed Settlements

ICRO, Institute for Integral Development and Environment

-cesspits on farms




Preventing and Reducing Nutrient Pollution from Agro-Zoo Technical Sources in the Olt River Basin

Association for Sustainable Development Slatina


Cooperation to Reduce Nutrient Pollution from Agricultural Sources in Ilfov County

Ecological Club UNESCO Pro Natura

Promote BAP

Clean Land, Rich Man!

Alma-Ro Association

Farmers included

Action Plan to Reduce Nutrient and Pesticide Pollution in Maramures

GREEN VALLEY Association

Promote BAP

Clean Waters, Without Nutrients, Through Natural Fertilisers

Association for Ecology and Sustainable Development Iasi

Animal farm waste included


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